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Canadian Nightcrawlers


Customer Testimonials:


Ordered 500 for some early spring fishing.  Ice fishing is done in Southern Wisconsin for 2016.  As usual they arrived in great shape and on the dat promised .  Thanks!  Will be ordering 2000 in early June for our annual Canadian fishing trip.
Bryan B from New Glarus, WI


Hi Tina I been buying worms for the last 4 years or so always a good experience it is faster to order on line now with your new web page  Thanks Crooks Bait And Tackle
William C from Newtown, PA


Being from Buffalo, NY and fishing up in North Bay for a week, we’ve decided to order 24 dozen Canadian Nightcrawlers and neutral bedding so there wasn’t an issue bringing them across the border into Canada.  The shipment was fast and containers perfect for a 2 day stay in my fridge before heading up north.  No problems going into Canada as I had the receipt in case customs asked about the citizenship of my worms and bedding.
We trolled using 3-hook worm harnesses and these worms fit perfectly with front and tail hanging over. Many times we grabbed a worm and knew the walleye and northern pike couldn’t resist.   They were huge juicy worms.  These worms kept great all week as we changed the ice pack twice a day for them.   Best and biggest worms we’ve had in 20 years on this annual fishing trip.
Ken from Buffalo, NY
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