Don’t waste any more time buying bait at the store!

Guaranteed LIVE delivery of Canadian Nightcrawlers.  Available all year.


Canadian Nightcrawlers

Save money.  Go on more fishing trips.


Buy your Canadian Nightcrawlers crawlers straight from the source – Canada!

  • Guaranteed Live Delivery
  • LARGE, juicy nightcrawlers: between 4-8 inches unstretched
  • Available All Year
  • Hand-picked straight from Canadian soil
  • Shipped with UPS and tracking number



Select your desired quantity of Canadian Nightcrawlers:

500 Large – $58.00

1000 Large – $97.00

Free shipping to most states in the USA. No Tax.

New offer: Receive 5% discount off every bulk box you order, when you order two or more!
*pre-packaged cups not included*




Tracy N and her catch
Your worms are the best.
Tracy N from Buckcreek, IN

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