Canadian Night Crawlers- not just for fishing! We at Backyard Tortoise in Yardley, PA offer both large and small Canadian Night Crawlers to our Turtles and Tortoises as part of their regular diet. Reptiles are a passion of ours and our long term goal is to start a Rescue Farm in the near future, preferably in a warmer State! All of our Box Turtles (Gulf Coast, Three Toed, Ornate, Desert) as well as our omnivorous tortoises (Red Foot, Burmese Black Mountain, Hinge-back Speke, Elongated) absolutely love the night crawlers from Windsor Wholesale Bait. Our orders always arrive quickly, alive and juicy! We know that we are getting the best quality when we place an order with WW Bait. Our purchases are usually 1000 crawlers at a time, the small crawlers are perfect for our hatchlings and yearlings, the large crawlers are excellent for all of our adult turtles! We store them in a large tote with fresh soil and scraps of produce to keep them thriving, but they don’t last very long! Our animals cannot get enough of them! Great products, great company, great service!Visit us at our Facebook page Backyard Tortoise to see more of our animals in action!  Above are pictures of some of some our Box turtles and Elongated tortoises enjoying juicy night crawlers from WW BAIT!
Susan from Backyard Tortoise


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Allen feeding his turtle with a canadian nightcrawler
I am not much of a fisherman, maybe once and a while. I use the worms to feed my 30 turtles, 10 koi , 3 albino catfish, 5 large plecos, and a large lizard. They all love the worms.
Allen from Fox Lake, IL


I have been extremely happy with all aspects of your business. The service and the product received. Without a doubt the best night crawlers on the market.
Robert P from Stockton, MO

Ordered 500 for some early spring fishing.  Ice fishing is done in Southern Wisconsin for 2016.  As usual they arrived in great shape and on the dat promised .  Thanks!  Will be ordering 2000 in early June for our annual Canadian fishing trip.
Bryan B from New Glarus, WI 


Hi Tina I been buying worms for the last 4 years or so always a good experience it is faster to order on line now with your new web page  Thanks Crooks Bait And Tackle
William C from Newtown, PA


Being from Buffalo, NY and fishing up in North Bay for a week, we’ve decided to order 24 dozen Canadian Nightcrawlers and neutral bedding so there wasn’t an issue bringing them across the border into Canada.  The shipment was fast and containers perfect for a 2 day stay in my fridge before heading up north.  No problems going into Canada as I had the receipt in case customs asked about the citizenship of my worms and bedding.

We trolled using 3-hook worm harnesses and these worms fit perfectly with front and tail hanging over. Many times we grabbed a worm and knew the walleye and northern pike couldn’t resist.   They were huge juicy worms.  These worms kept great all week as we changed the ice pack twice a day for them.   Best and biggest worms we’ve had in 20 years on this annual fishing trip.
Ken from Buffalo, NY


windsor-wholesale-bait-4     live-fishing-bait-3

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